Heal Your Life Teaching

I became a Heal Your life Teacher in July 2013 in Birmingham UK.  Wow!!!! what a journey… I went searching for PEACE and found it within …… A spiritual journey of self for sure, and I loved what I found.. Peace within ME!!!

I have studied the philosophy of Louise Hay since 1996 in my own personal practice and thought it was about time that I became a teacher of Louise Hays work to share her message with others.

While my life journey has brought many challenges, I now recognise that many of these challenges were the foundation for the woman I have become.   An amazing woman, partner, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunty to name but a few..  Louise’s work has supported me to understand that I have been doing the best I can, at any given moment… POWERFUL!!

And now …I can recognise myself as a powerful human being, living a life that is as wonderful as I personally make it..X

And So It Is….xx