I had an emotinal day.  Started off feeling low and ended on a high with excitement and realisation that all the answers I require in my life live within me. “I am the only version of me”!!

I have left feeling empowered with a sense of calm. I am excited for my future and the journey I am taking.

Inspiring thought provoking and healing day, thank you.  Expertly facilitated by Debbie, warm, encouraging and inspirational.  Love and blessings. Joanne xo

Thank you. I have reminded myself that I know what I need and I know hot to get it. Everything I need is provided for me and I only need to ask.  The universe has my back. Thank you.

Before I started this journey I always felt that my story owned me.  Through the amazing and inspiritional Debbie I now feel that I own my story and Im in control, I can stay on the same page, I can turn it or I can rub it out and rewrite it if ‘I’ wish.  What a truely amazing journey with a group of inspiring Women.  So looking forward to the rest.  All my love and hope and graditude xxx

Debbie, thank you from the very bottom of my heart.  I found the workshop today touched personal areas of my life.  Im a great and I’m leaving here today again feeling more positive and I’m the one in control.  I can make all changes “Its only change -I am safe” Maggie xxx

Thank you for today.  I am leaving a stronger person and I believe in myself, that I can live a happy and fulfilled life. many thanks

Brilliant day Debbie.  Thank you for helping me begin my new journey in life.  Rosie.

Such a refreshing workshop, so free and totally soul searching.  Amazing revelation to myself on this journey so far.

Debbie, thankyou again for another truely inspirational day.  Denise x

Thank you so much for today Debbie, it has lifted the dark cloud that has been following me around!  I have loved every minute of it and will certainly use what I’ve learned today!  I have wanted to change my life and today has started me on that journey. I am grateful for you. Thank you.. Sadhbh x

Im perfect just the way I am.   Imperfections and all!  Leaving today with a real sense of this.  Thank you Debbie xx

Great day, I realised I am loved everywhere and I am worthy x

Thank you Debbie. Today was uplifting beautiful and much needed. I am class. Lauren xx

Inspirational, we are all the same, we are all spiritual beings.

We are all the same, thoughts determine our future. Life is good. love Linda xxx

Guided on a better path for happiness and self love. Amazing! Thank you Debbie. Rhianne.

I believe in myself and today has shown me how amazing I am and of course you. Thank you for all your help. Love you to the moon and back again. All my love, Becca xxxx

This has been a wonderful experience. I hope to build on everything I’ve gone through today. Thank you Debbie. I will look forward to hearing from you again. Ursula.

Debbie, thank you so much for today. I have learnt so much about me. You have helped me so much, Debz xx

I thought i would never get through or that I would end up crazy, but I’ve been assured today that many others have survived too!
Love life x

Today is the beginning of a new and exciting journey and I cant wait.

At first I was very frightened to be coming today, but boy am I glad I did. I really feel any woman who has any issue in life to come along to heal your life. So many powerful activities. I am leaving today feeling like a new woman that really loves herself. I am beautiful and I love myself.

An amazing day. Both challenging spiritually and physically. I now fully except ME. What a blessing xo Jill.

I have previously done a workshop but i feel like today has been my first ever, as although I had learned things before, I had forgotten so much and I’m so glad that I have refreshed my mind and have throughly enjoyed it. Kellie xxxx

All things are possible when I believe. A great day with great people and a pleasure to enjoy and share personal experiences, love Dot xxx

Wow what an amazing day. I feel truly blessed and honoured to have had an opportunity to meet the most beautiful, inspiring women, today completely exceeded my expectations, opened my mind to the possibilitites that I never thought possible. Life changing inspiring to say the least. fully supported, encouraged and just being in the moment, couldnt feel anymore calm, joyful, peaceful. xx

Thank you for taking me further in my journey of learning to love myself. The day by far exceeded my expectations. I loved every minute and it was great to meet so many wonderful people. I cant wait for the next day. thank you, thank you, thank you, Denise xx

I am my own worst critic. I allow myself to follow my dreams and be happy. no one is better than me and I am better than no one else. thanks for everything, love you xxxxxx

Thank you so much for todays workshop Debbie. I loved your insight and seamless guidence on my journey today. You are an inspiration and I am blessed to have you help in my ongoing journey. love Grace

I learned so much about myself and how I can fully love being me. thank you for that opportunity. love you xx

I have really enjoyed today’s workshop. I am looking at life different now. I have chased my negative thoughts and am feeling confident for my future me :)

Debbie’s workshop highlighted areas I want to work on and tools I could implement to take action. It reminded me of the basic concepts and philosophies of Louise Hay work in a safe encouraging environment. I feel inspired hopeful and renewed and have confidence in my ability to change. It gave me reassurance that everything is happening perfectly.

A very powerful journey, I will bring with me positive thoughts and leave behind the negative. Debbie you have the gift of bringing people to a level never ever thought would be possible. I will be in touch and spread your wonderful wisdom. :)

Debbie’s workshop today was :) powerful. It has changed my thought patterns/process +I feel a great sense of inner peace having attended today. Debbie is a wonderful facilitator for Louise Hays work. Thanks so much Debbie. P.S. you’ve exceeded my expectations of today! K.C.

I extremely extremely enjoyed today! It is so wonderful to come together with so many like minded women, who I have learnt so much from. It was truly inspirational, it’s a reminder for all the things I am and who I can become. Thank you so much. L.S

Finding inner peace… Spending time with others who are the same… Getting to know worthiness…Acceptance… Love… Giving yourself the gift of life.. Hayley – Heal Your Life. Jan-2014

Amazing day I really really enjoyed it, I met people who I would never have met and realised we are all the same souls. I witnessed changes in women walking into the room and how they where walking out. Priceless day which I will take my learning through my life every day. I love Myself!! Kellie

What an inspirational day. I have got so much from the content, Debbie and all the women in the group. Love is so important in life and we must realise it is so easily not to love yourself. The most important person is ‘ME’ I have the motivation to Act and Achieve. I would recommend this to all women. Thanks Debbie. Gay xx

An amazing day to start the beginning of a new journey, facilitated by a wonderful person and teacher. Elaine

Sometimes someone comes into your life just at the right moment. Debbie you were that person. An amazing, inspiring woman and through today I spent time being amazed and inspired by other women and learning that I too am amazing and inspiring – I’m going to start believing it, Deborah xo

A positive experience, worthwhile and a good way of learning to be more accepting of your own worth. Thank you, Maureen

I feel it was amazing as a group how we all gelled, and shared things within our lives which were holding us back, and helping each other to move forward. Everyone had an amazing part to play in the group, and Debbie played an amazing part in sharing the philosophy to help change/heal our lives. Laura xxxx

I have attended other personal Development programmes ,this workshop is above and beyond all expectations, the philosophy of healing reaches deeper than other self help. Well recommended. Thank you Debbie x Oonagh

Debbie is a beautiful person and lovely to be around! Enjoyed the day so much and met wonderful people! Book it, you won’t regret it. Emma

I walked in this morning not so sure, but i’m walking out a different person. Loving myself and ready to change some of the ‘I should’s to ‘ I will’. Heather

An absolute wonderful experience, left the workshop empowered and ready for a more positive future. Karen H xx

Feel the resistance and do it anyway! Vicki

Debbie you are very confident and creative. Loved your presentation which helped to understand better….everything I touch is a success. It was a very convincing workshop. Keep going”. Gaman (India)

“Debbie is a remarkable, amazing workshop teacher. She is working with self created pictures and symbols, going deep into heart and mind. Debbie is a very structured woman, she is excellent in observing and sensitive” Helga, (Switzerland)

“Debbie I really enjoyed this workshop- you facilitated an opening with a lovely simple mindfulness meditation which I liked and found soothing. You were gentle but confidently guiding me from negative thoughts to positive ones. Questions which made me think about my own thought patterns. I have moved on in my understanding because of this workshop” Debbie Long (UK)

“Debbie, I am honoured to have met you and travelled this path of self discovery and personal growth over the past number of weeks with your gentle guidance and amazing knowledge to lead the way. I would recommend a course of one to one life coaching for anyone who wants to improve their overall well being or quality of life. Your ability to call on an abundance of resources to identify and solve each aspect is something I’ve never encountered before, you are truly an inspirational woman! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have shown and given me.” Grace