Mental Health and Well Being

Mental Health & Well Being

What if ….You realised you have to some degree mixed feelings about your own mental health.. what if…you accepted it’s damn near impossible to get through life without some form of pain or trauma from living a fulfilled life? ..

M Scott Peck wrote a book entitled ‘The Road Less Travelled’ and the three opening words are. ‘Life is Difficult’

What if …you were taught from a very early age, that life can be difficult..  

What if … you were given the tools to cope, with at times, a difficult life..

What if… you heard around you, normal everyday conversations about painful feelings. ….About relationships, about loss, about harm, about anxiety, about panic, about grief, about addictions, about pain.. about heart break?

What if … you could begin to accept your emotions as normal, normal emotions to difficult experiences, or normal emotions to at times abnormal situations…  

and begin to speak about them…to each other without fear of judgement and to find acceptance… 

I believe, as a society like our own, which has been through conflict,  whether we like it or not, we have within it, a created silence..  A silence based on fear of speaking out.


Only now …this fear has transferred to our younger generation … a generation which struggles to speak out about their own needs..  their own minds… 

A historical message …stay silent about your pain…stay silent because you’ll be judged… stay silent because your pain and thoughts might hurt others…stay silent because you are responsible for the consequences of speaking out.. meanwhile some of our younger generation feel insurmountable pain… and cannot cope.. for they do not know how….

I believe as a society we need to create a culture that supports individuals to speak out in their pain. a society that opens not only its doors, but also its mind, it’s mouth on normalising pain and the consequences of trauma to the human body.. and spirit.. 

But more than anything …. I believe we each have a responsibility as an individual, a community, as well as a society to provide pathways too support for those in need of speaking about pain…  Because after all, each of us as a human being …

has the right to a happy, healthy and yes at times ..even a difficult life..  

From my heart to yours…..❤️❤️